My Journey to Body Love: Those Damn Jean Shorts

My Journey to Body Love

Part 1: Those Damn Jean Shorts

Hello! My name is Jessica. In this blog series, "My journey to body love," I will share my honest and raw feelings of learning to love and nourish my body while unlearning the lies that diet culture tells us.

I use the term "body love" because I believe that, just like the other relationships we have in our lives, love is a complicated and complex emotion. For example, I love my husband with all of my heart. However, are there days that I may be angry with him? Annoyed? Frustrated? Yes, of course! Does that change my love for him? Absolutely not. No matter what fight we are in, or the annoying thing he does, it does not change my love for him.

I believe that this is the relationship we should strive to have with our bodies. Some days we will adore the way it looks in our favorite outfit, we will be thankful for our strong legs carrying us through an intense hike through beautiful scenery, and we will feel confident and sexy. On other days we may feel bloated, less confident, or frustrated with the clothes we try on in the fitting room. Love is complicated, but no matter what we go through, we can still love our bodies the same way we would love our partner through all the hard stuff.

I have to credit Liz Moody for the definition of Body Love. She explains it beautifully in her "How to learn to love my body" series on her podcast, "Healthier Together."


Part 1: Those Damn Jean Shorts

At the beginning of the summer season, I had been living in yoga pants and biker shorts. It's what I wear to work and often wear on my days off just because it is comfortable. If I wanted to dress up, I was leaning toward wearing a cute summer dress and biker shorts underneath. I was cute and comfortable!!! I had yet to try to wear any of my jeans or jean shorts just because it hadn't really come across my radar yet.

One day I decided I wanted to wear a pair of jean shorts because they would be cute with the outfit I had planned. I grabbed the shorts that I knew to be the pair that was slightly loose on me last year. I knew that my body had been shifting and changing, but I hadn't given it much thought. I put the shorts on, anticipating that they would probably fit me just right. After pulling them up, I immediately knew that I was wrong. They were super snug!!

Cue the downward spiral.

Before putting those shorts on, I had zero negative thoughts about my body. I knew that it was changing and shifting, but I hadn't really noticed that big of a difference. My yoga pants and biker shorts have stretch and give, so I did not notice them fitting differently. However, as soon as I put the shorts on that were my "too-big" shorts from last year, I could immediately tell the difference. At that same instance, I had a rush of shame and negative feelings toward my body. My mind went directly to "time for a diet."

But then I stopped and thought for a moment. Why am I letting a pair of jean shorts prompt me into restriction and dieting?

But then I stopped and thought for a moment. Why am I letting a pair of jean shorts prompt me into restriction and dieting? Why did I need to make my body smaller just to fit into those shorts that really had no value to me? I had no negative feelings before, so why am I letting those negative feelings come in now?

This started the process of learning how to love and accept my body as it is. I am learning to eat foods I enjoy while also nourishing my body. I do not want to cut out food groups just for the sake of being smaller. I have started to open my eyes to the lies diet culture tells us. I no longer want to believe these lies and live my life in a way where I am trapped by them.

I will use my blog as a space to be real and vulnerable and break down these lies I have been told since I was a little girl. I hope that you will follow along and maybe find a little inspiration to question these lies as well.

xo, Jessica


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