Kale, Sweet Potato, and Sausage Oomph Frittata

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Kale, Sweet Potato, and Sausage Oomph Frittata

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Frittatas are the perfect meal prep or a super-easy way to feed a crowd. This recipe uses Italian sausage, kale, and sweet potatoes to get all your nutrients in one bite!

I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate on a Holiday e-Cookbook with Whole's approved partner Oomph along with a few other Whole30 Coaches to create holiday recipes using their product. If you don't already know what Oomph is, it is dehydrated and milled vegetables turned into flavor combinations to add to your cooking. They add nutrition and super easy flavor to your meals! In this frittata recipe, I used Oomph's No.4 Refogado blend, but you could use any blend you want! I think they would all add an awesome flavor to the frittata.

I just love how easy Oomph blends makes cooking. They cut down on your veggie chopping and prep so significantly!

Get No. 4 Refogado Oomph here!

I created this recipe for the Holiday e-cookbook because, in my family, we love to share a nice Christmas breakfast together after all the presents are opened in the morning. A frittata is a delicious and easy way to get a large breakfast made with no fuss. Using Oomph in the frittata makes it even easier so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family.

Although this is a perfect recipe for Christmas morning, you can enjoy this recipe year-round!

Hint: Cut down your prep time even more and chop up the sweet potatoes and kale ahead of time so all you will need to do is throw all the ingredients together and you are good to go as soon as it is in the oven!

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