Build Your Own Whole30 Hash

Growing up, a hash was something that was commonly on our table. My mom would use leftover meat from a different meal and then create something new out of it. She learned from my Grandma, and she passed that down to me as well. A hash can have really any type of meat, veggies, and starch that you would like. That is why I have created this template so you can mix and match and create whatever hash you would like! Use this template for a quick dinner, or even an awesome breakfast packed full of veggies! This meal can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Pick one or more from each category:

Pick your protein:

-Any leftover meat (chicken or steak are great options)

-Any type of leftover roast (Emaple: pork or pot roast)

-Pre-made sausage. Chicken & apple sausage or Italian sausages work great!

Some great Whole30 Approved brands are Applegate, Bilinski’s, Teton, True Story, and Tribali. There are also some great Whole30 compatible brands such as sausages by Aidells or from Trader Joes (Just always be sure to double-check your ingredients list)

-Breakfast sausage or meat such as bacon or ham

Pick your starch:

-Sweet Potatoes

-Red Potatoes

-Butternut squash

-Any other type of potato or winter/fall squash

Pick your greens:



-Any other dark leafy greens

Pick your veggie:

-Onion (recommended)


-Bell peppers



-Green beans

-Any other veggie in your fridge

Pick your seasoning:

-Fresh garlic (recommended)

-Fresh herbs such as rosemary or thyme

-Oomph Cooking Blends (Shop here!)

-The New Primal Seasonings (Shop here!)

-Italian Seasoning blend

-Garlic powder

-Onion powder

-Your favorite hot sauce

-Any other seasoning or blend you like!



  1. If your meat is not already pre-cooked then cook up your meat

  2. Add a tablespoon of oil to a large skillet and heat on medium heat

  3. Add 1 diced onion (If using, but highly recommend) and sauté for a few minutes until it starts to turn translucent

  4. Add 1 clove of minced garlic (If using, but highly recommend) and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute

  5. Add in diced starch, make sure to cut these into small, bite-size pieces, so they cook quickly.

  6. When starch is slightly tender add in the rest of your diced veggies

  7. Add in your seasoning. I just season to taste here. Play around with your flavor combos!

  8. Cook until veggies & starch are soft

  9. Add in meat & your leafy greens and cook until meat is warmed through and greens are tender

Tip: If your hash gets a little dry from using left-over meat add in a splash of bone broth


It’s that easy! This is a great option to put together for breakfast, especially if you want to do something that doesn't involve eggs. Or, put a fried egg on top. Your options are endless, that is the beauty of a hash!

I hope you enjoy! I would love to hear the flavor combinations you have tried and what you think! (Tell me in the comments below!!)

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